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We are currently planning the 'Secrets of a Stuntman' series.
Further projects, yet to be commissioned or funded include:

Beyond Houdini - Extreme Escapes 
In this show Steve Truglia will use all of his cunning and stunt skills to discover and master each of Houdini's greatest escapes. Guided by a series of expert mentors Steve will learn how to pick locks, escape from steel cages, handcuffs and strait jackets, until he is ready for the big escape. Each episode follows the journey which culminates in Steve adding his own unique skills as a Stuntman to make each escape bigger, better and more dangerous.

The trailer for 'Beyond Houdini' can be watched temporarily on YouTube, simply follow the link below. All content will eventually be included here in a high definition streamed format...for FREE Viewing. watch this space. Watch a 5 min demo here.

Space Jump - Parachuting from the Edge of Space
In 1960 Joseph Kittinger parachuted from the high stratosphere at 102,000 feet. Wearing a spacesuit for protection against the extreme cold and lack of air, he plummeted to Earth, breaking the sound barrier with his body. Nobody has challenged this most incredible of adventures until now. Steve has been planning this World Record attempt for 20 years. He has the team in place, the science and preparation done, and now needs a commission or corporate sponsorship to make this dream a reality. Visit the new site at
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Secrets of a Stuntman
Episode 1 Car Stunts


Future Show

Future Show



Stunt Coordinator, Extreme Sports Expert and Television Presenter Steve Truglia

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